9 Best PC Multiplayer Video Games You Can Play Offline

Nothing forges stronger bonds than split-screen deathmatches.

Portal 2

Local multiplayer is slowly becoming a long lost art form. As the big publishers continue to move away from the glory days of split-screen gaming (perhaps understandably as online multiplayer is where the majority of the money is at these days), the iconic experiences of many gamers' youths have become all but a distant memory.

Fortunately, though, all is not lost. In the PC space especially, there has been a resurgence in games that don't require an internet connection to be enjoyed by a group of friends. Perhaps ironically, considering computers more than any other console are designed to benefit the most from being always online, Steam has become a place for both experimental indies championing local party experiences as well as big-budget releases that can be tackled with a friend.

There's another silver lining to this as well, as not only are these excellent games retaining a style of play that's on the verge of going extinct, but they're also proving that developers can actually be inventive and original with the features and tropes of local multiplayer. So while some of the titles can be played solo or online, they gain so much from having someone right there next to you.

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Portal 2
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