9 Controversial Things Rockstar Games Want You To Forget

9. Niko Bellic's Voice Actor Feeling He Was Unfairly Paid

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Imagine working on a Grand Theft Auto game post-GTA III, and not knowing it was going to be a big deal.

Such was the case for Niko Bellic's voice actor, Michael Hollick, who despite being paid $1050 per day for recording sessions across 2006-2007, once he noticed the game was soaring to heights of $600 million and beyond in revenue, he wanted more. Thus, he got in touch to "renegotiate" his contract with Rockstar, only to be completely ignored and cast aside.

In fairness, this qualm centres more on SAG (the Screen Actor's Guild) setting up contracts between actor and studio that don't benefit the long term, but that didn't stop Rockstar being blamed for not adequately paying their actors, despite legally not doing anything wrong.

It all cumulated when MTV Multiplayer asked for comment on whether Hollick would be in GTA IV's then-upcoming DLC packs, to which Rockstar responded with a rather blunt, "Hell no".

To somewhat add salt to the wound, Rockstar would use discarded clips from Michael's previous recording sessions to make a performance for Bellic whenever he appeared, moving forward and neglecting to address the complaint ever again.

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