9 Dark Video Game Secrets You DON'T Want To Find

8. Isabela Is A Murderous Slave Trader - Dragon Age II

dragon age 2 isabel

This next secret is definitely dark and something I bet you wish you didn’t want to know but I’m going to tell you anyway because if I have to know it then you do too. The pirate queen Isabela is a fan favourite character in Dragon Age II and why wouldn’t she be? She’s fun, roguish, super hot, and plenty charming.

Unfortunately, it turns out we may have been a little blinded by that charm since there’s a pretty important part of her backstory most of us were ignorant of.

The canon comic Dragon Age: Those Who Speak reveals that prior to being our lovable rapscallion companion, Isabela was pretty big on the slave-trafficking scene. At one point, even going as far as to throw the slaves she had in her hold overboard when she was being pursed by an Orlesian ship in order to get away. In the events of Dragon Age II she’s clearly hugely repentant and anti-slaver but once you know, you know, and this one is pretty hard for us to gloss over.

I’m just glad after learning this that I decided not to romance Isabela and instead chose Anders who is obviously not problematic at all.


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