9 Dark Video Game Secrets You DON'T Want To Find

Red Dead and The Last of Us get GRIM.

last of us
Naughty Dog

While there’s rarely anything we don’t love about video game secrets, references, and easter eggs, that’s not to say they’re all fun in-jokes and charming additions.

Those kinds of secrets are certainly prevalent and have their place but they aren’t the only kind of hidden curiosity you can stumble upon in a video game. In this list we’re digging into the discoveries that are quite a bit darker.

Whether due to their implications, how they sit within the lore of the game, or what they ask of the player, these video game secrets had some of us feeling like we could have been just fine going the rest of our lives without the extra knowledge. Misery loves company though so whether you’ve happened upon these entries yourself or you’re a sucker for creepy easter eggs already, by the end of this list we’ll all know a good extra handful of unsettling video game things.


9. The Mirror Room - Silent Hill 3

silent hill 3 mirror room

Not all the dark secrets on this list which you wouldn’t want to find are dark because they’re actually scary but this one combines Silent Hill and horror movie mirror trickery so, yeah, this one’s just straight up creepy.

You’re told that Silent Hill 3 heroine Heather Mason is not a real big fan of mirrors and being the horror juggernaut that it is, Silent Hill is pretty good at making sure you exit the game being no friend of mirrors, either. Where Team Silent really hits the nail on the head for this one is in the Store Room on the third floor of the Brookhaven Hospital.

This room is pretty much empty except for an enormous mirror, look at it long enough and you’ll see blood crawl around the room before Heather’s own reflection corrupts and turns bloody as well.

If this is all feeling like easy mode so far, the door to the room locks and the scene comes to a head with Heather’s reflection freezing and staring at her while you try to navigate your way out of the room which is now covered in blood. You can’t break the mirror and if you stay in the room too long your health will deplete.

This room is totally optional but totally terrifying so if you’re a scaredy cat who found it and had to endure it despite getting no reward, you’d be forgiven for wishing you’d never gone in.


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