9 Divisive Video Game Levels You Either Love Or Hate

DOOM Eternal's platforming: What say you??

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In 2021, the gaming industry has certainly advanced to a point where a developer knows what NOT to do. Which sorts of game mechanics don't go down well over time, which genres may or may not be profitable, and where to draw the line on difficulty - is it cheap and potentially annoying or genuinely challenging?

That said, not all developers listen to the data at hand, and that's without bringing in the other side of the argument here, either.

For there exists a small sliver of video game levels that nobody can agree on - the sorts of environments, mechanics and gameplay ideas that some love, others hate, but either way they always get a reaction.

Now, it takes a lot for a modern game developer with a sizeable budget to release something with notably challenging or difficult elements - just look at the divisive reception to Returnal, for example - but at the same time, gaming's roots in the arcade mean challenging subject matter will always come back around.

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