9 Elaborate Video Game Urban Legends Everyone Believed

Akuma is TOTALLY in Resident Evil 2. You just need to know where to look...


Secret characters, hidden stages, unorthodox cheat codes: since the dawn of video games, developers have revelled in slyly implementing content that rewards players for leaving no stone unturned.

GoldenEye 007's Aztec and Egyptian stages, Dark Souls' plethora of optional bosses and areas and Mortal Kombat's storied history with unlockable characters, to name just a few, are the sorts of bonus content we've all imagined ourselves being the first to uncover and reveal to the world.

But even for the majority not lucky enough to stake claim to such discoveries, their revelation results in serious brownie points for developers willing to take the risk of covertly hiding content in their creations that could potentially never be found and enjoyed.

Such are the dastardly lengths that certain developers go to though (who thought to spam-search Wesker's desk 50 times in Resident Evil 2?), and even some of the wildest rumours gain traction, garnering belief that there's truth to the whispers.

We want to believe such extravagance has been curated specifically for our enjoyment.

Inevitably, that willingness leaves the gates wide open for professional liars to weave outlandish works of fiction, sprinkled with just enough believability that thousands get suckered into believing the tall tale.

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