9 Elaborate Video Game Urban Legends Everyone Believed

8. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Obtaining The Triforce

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The legend: Is it possible to obtain the complete Triforce in Ocarina of Time?

Unequivocally, the answer is no, but in 1999, when the N64 cartridge for Link's first 3D adventure still retained that fresh plastic smell, the answer wasn't so clear-cut.

Various theories and faux methods detailing how to obtain the fully assembled, all-powerful artefact were posited in the months following launch, but one well-crafted lie persisted above all others. As the tale goes, in order to obtain all three pieces, players needed to obtain and play a secret ocarina song 'Overture of Sages' which would then open the way to the 'Temple of Light' and, eventually, the Triforce itself.

Where it came from: In 1999, an Ocarina of Time player going by the name Ariana Almandoz sent several hazy (and doctored, obviously) images to a fan site for all things Zelda apparently showing Link playing the fabled tune and ultimately entering the undiscovered temple to find the Triforce's resting place.

After a series of email exchanges and some amateur detective work, it was discovered that Almandoz had been lying through their teeth the entire time and the story was all just a ruse.

Not cool.

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