9 Full Video Games You Can Unlock Inside Other Games

If you own Homefront: The Revolution, you now own Timesplitters 2 in full.

homefront the revolution timesplitters 2
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Is there anything cooler than realising you own more games than you thought?

Like original hidden PS1 demo discs tucked away behind certain titles once you opened up the case, the digital equivalent is hiding a full game somewhere in a title's code.

Now, how you access these things is another matter entirely. Some developers want you to find what they've prepared - maybe it's something from the franchise's past or an original version, predating the remake - and others hid these treasures so well, they've taken to Twitter as a reminder.

In a world of microtransactions, loot drops and content grinds to unlock even the next skin for your character, all of the following practically feel like witchcraft.

Yet, hunt these down and you're essentially getting two for one - or in some cases, a whole bunch of titles in the same place - providing you know where to look.

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