9 Genuinely Haunted Video Games You Won't Believe

There's some strange things afoot...

Zelda Redeads

Horror and video games have been around for years. There's a whole wealth of titles that range from actual horror, all the way to action games with the occasional jump scare in them.

But when that leaks out into the real world, that's when things get really weird.

Urban legends, cursed video game cartridges, the government recording data from ominous, seizure-inducing arcade cabinets... you know it.

Thanks to the internet, these once-quiet rumours can now gain traction at an exponential rate. Are they true, or just complete guff?

Who knows, that's the power of the internet! It doesn't have to be true, it just has to freak people out.

Unfortunately, not all of these stories can be brushed off as nonsense, as some have had real world murder/suicide implications behind them.

...or have they?

Thanks to sites like Creepypasta exacerbating these fables and myths, it's hard to ascertain what is true or not...

One thing that is for certain though: the ones on this list are only the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole of freaky tales surrounding video games.

But heed this advice: it's a rabbit hole you may not want to delve down. I'm only writing this list because they made me do it...

9. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Shadow People Of Shiverburn Galaxy

Zelda Redeads

Haunting, in a Mario game? How absurd a notion.

But yes, strange as it sounds, I'm kicking this list off with a creepy theory that's been looming in the background of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Dubbed "The Shadow People of Hell Valley", these creeping beings are hidden away in the Shiverburn galaxy, watching down on Mario from afar.

Who are these mysterious watchers? Do they mean our plumber harm, or are they part of a higher plan?

Whatever the reason, these creepy silhouettes are very disturbing, if you know where to look.

What makes it weirder, the filename for these beings is named "HellValleySkyTree", which raises some odd questions. Are they a cut enemy, or from a cut level, or both?

If so, why were they cut? Or is it a fragment of a deleted piece of code that refused to go, haunting the levels of Super Mario Galaxy 2...?

Alright, that may be a bit dramatic, but as no one's ever come to a reasonable conclusion, speculation is all we have to go on.

That, and they look pretty freaky as it is.

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