9 Genuinely Haunted Video Games You Won't Believe

6. Pale Luna - A Murderous Smile

Zelda Redeads

Text based adventure games can sometimes lead you to terrible fates, like not being able to get a Babelfish or at worst, dying of dysentery.

Usually, they don't end up with the real world discover of a severed head in an unmarked grave. Or at least, that's what the text based Pale Luna would have you believe.

The legend goes that Pale Luna was a text based game that was circulated around the San Francisco Bay area. Often reported as broken and unplayable, it was only when a player named Michael Nevins finally cracked the game did it take a sinister turn.

Through what one could only imagine as rigorous trial and error, Michael persevered for a good three hours, trying every possible combination of words to get somewhere.

And got somewhere he did. Pale Luna revealed some coordinates to Lassen Volcanic Park in California, to which Michael did travel.

Armed with morbid curiosity and a shovel, Michael set about digging.

I won't spoil it for you what he supposedly found, but it was enough to root Pale Luna as creepy urban legend.

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