9 Genuinely Haunted Video Games You Won't Believe

7. Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Ben

Zelda Redeads

I feel like I should be telling this around a campfire at night, that's how "urban legend-y" it is. But use your imagination, and I'll do my best.

The legend goes that a college student chanced upon a de-labelled N64 cartridge with "Majora" written on it from a garage sale table. The kind manned by a character that'd sell you a Mogwai too, just for authentic weirdness.

So, our hapless gamer boots up the game, notices a save file named "BEN" and rightfully deletes it. After all, why would you keep someone's save?

Turns out [apparently] this was a mistake, as the save belonged to an eight year old boy named Ben, who had drowned some time prior. Deleting the save was only the beginning...

The tale is huge, but the abridged version is that Ben haunts the cartridge, with mysterious messages cropping up and other shenanigans. It then transfers into real life, via the Cleverbot automated chat app and... look, it's all a bit weird.

For my money, it's a very elaborate yarn from a Creepypasta user. But there are some who still believe the ghost of Ben haunts this copy of Majora's Mask...

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