9 Heart-Breaking Gaming Moments When You Realised You Were The Bad Guy

In most games you're a good person, fighting the good fight. These are not those games.

In most games you're the hero, doing what's necessary to make the world a better place.

The titles on this list are not 'most games'. These are the heavy hitters that make you cringe once the realisation of what you've done hits you. And they're made all the more awful by the fact you didn't know you were bad at the start. These games show us just how much we can invest in a likeable and well thought-out character, even if he turns out to be the Devil himself. It's proof the industry has learned much from other media, and that it's more than capable of churning out a heartbreaking game.

Far from making us want to avoid such twists, we've come to appreciate them for what they are - stories bigger than the games that have wrought them into existence, for sometimes gameplay is but a medium used to enforce them.

With this feature we will delve into some such masterpieces and, well, SPOIL them if you haven't played them. If you run into a game that you haven't managed to play yet, just skip the page. Figuring these things out by yourself is just about the best thing you can experience in gaming. Aside from actually having fun, you know.

Honorable Mention: Left 4 Dead Series' Carriers

This might be surprising at first, but there are definitive hints that the survivors are actually the ones spreading the infection.

There are multiple mentions of so-called Carriers that are immune but more than capable of dispersing the virus. While nothing has been officially confirmed, it is a definitive possibility that our beloved Survivors are indeed already hosting the dreaded Green Flu and helping its advancement. With Bill's death, we've been shown that even these seemingly redundant characters are susceptible to canon tragedies.

If you don't read all the graffiti in the safe houses you might not even realise this, but the Carrier theory is most probably correct. While not every Survivor might have to be a Carrier, there is virtually no way to find out (in-game). If the third game ever hits the shelves, I'm hoping it'll make us have to question who is and who isn't carrying the infection. It could make a great twist on the classical Co-op formula.


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