9 Huge Video Games You Forgot Were Coming In 2019

Will EA FINALLY give us the Star Wars game we've all been waiting for?


The year-end lull has arrived and finally, following 12 months of being bombarded with gaming excellence, bank accounts the world over can finally eke out some breathing room before the onslaught begins anew. But 2019, like its predecessor, is keeping that recovery time on a leash.

In the dawn of the new year alone, Capcom's unprecedented remake of a horror classic in Resident Evil 2, as well as Square Enix's (very) belated Kingdom Hearts III will be vying for your cash, a streak of triple-A content that's due to continue in the months following with BioWare's dizzyingly beautiful Anthem and FromSoftware's Sekiro, to name but a few.

The hype machine, for better or worse, is already in full swing, then, but smothered as we are with so many early contenders for 2019's game of the year, it's hard not to become ignorant of the remaining two-thirds of the gaming calendar. As the new year kicks into full swing, hitherto leaks of information for the likes of Luigi's Mansion 3, Code Vein and Respawn's mystery Star Wars title will burst the damn to become a full-blown tidal wave of new details, but until that time, we're left no choice but to remind ourselves of the exciting times yet to come.


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