9 Major Worries We Have About 2019's Biggest Video Games

9. Activision Publishing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro shadows die twice

Yes, though it might've slipped through the news cracks, none other than Activision i.e. one of the most money-hungry companies on the planet, are on publisher duties for Sekiro.

Why is this a problem? Well in reality hopefully it won't be, but Sekiro marks the first time industry darlings FromSoftware have broken away from Bandai Namco as partners for a multi-platform release across three games. Bloodborne was actively helped through development by Sony themselves, and until we see a Bloodborne II, could actually be a one-off.

For Sekiro, it's the launch of another new IP; one where a wider, more accessible action focus will surely bring in a far larger audience. Yes, the FromSoftware heart should be there in spades, but considering Activision's monetary business practices across Call of Duty and Destiny - and the disastrous firing of hundreds of staff over unsatisfactory quarterly earnings - it's cause for concern until launch.

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