9 Mind-Bending Levels That Will Melt Your Brain

8. Call Of Duty: Black Ops III - Demon Within

Control game

Most players would have seen the moment coming, but the execution turns out far more harrowing than expected.

Following a savage assault the player character is given life-saving cybernetic surgery. To acclimatize to their new abilities the procedure includes virtual training in a simulated reality.

After that everything seems normal. And then Demon Within happens.

When a hack into a former ally’s mind goes wrong players are pulled into the victim’s mind – and into a distorted dream of the Battle of the Bulge form World War 2.

You quickly realize that this no ordinary dream. Strange glitches abound: explosions run backwards, trees snapped in half right themselves, and buildings reassemble brick by shattered brick. And as the level continues the environment grows ever more unstable, with the ground fragmenting into broken islands floating in a void, and even the entire map bending upward like something out of the MCU’s Dr. Strange.

It’s visually stunning, but the wonder falls flat when you learn the brutal truth, that what you are witnessing are the final thoughts and memories of a dying mind. It’s a hard-hitting sequence, blending spectacle with sober reflection, and stirring a rising unease for what’s coming...


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