9 Most Exciting Upcoming Battle Royale Video Games

9. Project X

Project X

What's better than 100 players all vying to survive in a battlefield of loot and happenstance? 400 players, that's what.

Though some "large-scale is our selling point" multiplayer games have tried and failed in the past (PS3's MAG or Warhawk, for example), only Battlefield has ever managed to maintain stability with so many consecutive players all synched up at once. Even as I type this, PUBG struggles to not crash on Xbox One if too many players land in the same vicinity, yet developers Automaton must have some ace up their sleeve to handle four-times the player count.

In an interview with PCGamer, Automaton's James Thompson discussed how the game was more than just "battle royale with more people", factoring in a number of factions across the island you're duelling on, an overarching narrative/story that unfolds as to why you're all there, and more to base gameplay than just scavenging and killing.

Obviously, it's early days (Project X is a working title, after all), but as we're on the cusp of the industry seeing what they can do with the BR genre, this is easily one of the most experimental ideas yet.

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