9 Most Exciting Upcoming Battle Royale Video Games

A genre with over 50 million players across two games. What's next?

Hunt Showdown

Though it doesn't feel as though the average person is raving about battle royale games anywhere near as much as say, Nintendo Labo, look to the player counts across both PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, and they're WAY up, into their millions. Fortnite alone - the game that literally ripped off PUBG's base staples as fast as possible - has had over 45 million people try to survive the 100-to-1 last man standing challenge, and the genre itself is positively booming.

GTA Online has a battle royale mode in the form of Smuggler's Run, free-to-play Overwatch-wannabe Paladins announced their version is coming soon, and even Crytek are redesigning the upcoming Warface to factor one in, too.

Yup, even somewhat behind the scenes, these modes have exemplified this generation; easily one of the most original concepts us gamers have seen in years - especially if we're talking about sheer multiplayer innovation on a mass scale.

Intense, contemplative, phenomenally fun with friends and even better when you're up against the world and come out on top, battle royale is the new FPS, but what's on the horizon?

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