9 New Video Games To Look Out For In June 2017

Who needs to go out for summer, when you've got these to play?


It's summertime! If you're lucky enough to be having gorgeous weather and the free time to enjoy it, summer is easily the best time of the year. But the fact that you're here shows you're probably not the kind of person who's looking to go outside for the sunshine - you're here looking for a game to sink your free time into.

Who has time for the outdoors anyways? Unless you've got a Switch.

As mentioned in last month's article, E3's press conferences are a huge factor in the game industry's release dates: as the weather begins to dry, the focus turns from releasing games to hyping up what's coming out next. That can make looking for a new game to play particularly hard.

Here we'll look at some of the best upcoming games of the month, coupled with a few honourable mentions for those just recently released. Expect an eclectic library; June's catalogue is a mixed list of everything from VR FPS puzzle games to real-time tactical JRPGs.


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