9 Overused Video Game Criticisms That Make No Sense

Trevor's a dick, and that's a good thing.

Grand Theft Auto V Trevor

Everybody's a critic in the age of social media, and though a deeper and more extensive discourse surrounding video games is definitely a positive for the most part, some people just can't help but fire off their spicy-hot takes without much thought.

No video game is perfect - no, not even Rocket League - yet as insightful as it can be to discuss the flaws of games both good and bad, sometimes people take this too far, levelling "damning" criticisms that don't hold up to basic scrutiny and...don't really make much sense.

Context is always going to be key, of course, but the vast majority of the time people make these complaints about video games, they're simply screeching grossly hyperbolic statements with little basis in fact.

There are plenty of reasonable ways to critique most video games, but going back to the well and regurgitating these "issues" again and again is an easy way to lose an argument and look a bit silly in the process...


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