9 Overused Video Game Criticisms That Make No Sense

9. "Games Are Too Easy Nowadays"

Square Enix

You'll often hear people complain that games are skewing too easy these days, and that lower difficulty levels are inherently a bad thing, as though every game needs to provide some degree of frustration in order to be truly enjoyable.

Yet to disregard games simply because they don't punish the player is to deny yourself so many titles created with a spectacular sense of artistry - not everything needs to be Dark Souls, after all.

Recently, many complained about both Kingdom Hearts III and Devil May Cry 5 offering up the most accessible gameplay of their respective series...despite both also providing the hardcore crowd with more challenging difficulty levels.

Options are ultimately a good thing, and just because FromSoftware's games enforce a strict difficulty level upon players, it doesn't mean that every game needs to.

Easy games exist because not everybody has the time to replay the same damn sequence again, and that's a good thing.

We all get different things out of games, of course, but if you can't value a game artistically because it doesn't get your blood pressure pumping, then that's a damn shame for you.


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