9 Rarest & Most Valuable PS4 Games You Might Own

Are you sitting on a goldmine?

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After almost five years on the market, the PS4 has amassed a rather extensive library of games, with a boom in indie titles in particular allowing Sony's latest platform to be flooded with more releases than ever before.

Likewise, unlike in years gone by, the overwhelming shift towards online purchases and digital storefronts has meant games both old and new have been more accessible than the've ever been.

However, while this market shift has meant the days of driving from store to store in the hopes of a high-profile game being in stock are long gone, it's also had the negative effect of making games worth less overall. Consequently, with just about everything being available online, the chances of stumbling across a super-rare title that could be worth big bucks are incredibly low.

It's not all bad news for would-be collectors though, as the rise of limited-run physical releases of cult titles and first-come-first-serve collector's editions of classic games have still resulted in the console having plenty of releases which are already incredibly rare and valuable, only becoming more sought after in the years to come.


Estimates are taken from a variety of sources including various retailers and auction sites.

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