9 Reasons You're WRONG About Resident Evil 6

"The game that killed Resident Evil"? Not quite.

RESIdent evil 6

Resident Evil 6 has the reputation of being a game which temporarily killed an entire franchise. A massive undertaking at the time, with Capcom putting over 600 developers onto the project, the sequel was an attempt to blend all of the different eras of Resident Evil into one neat package, to solve the crisis of identity the games experienced after the fourth and fifth main instalments.

It was certainly ambitious, but fans and critics alike tore it apart at the time, criticising its focus on action, how bloated and overlong the experience was, and how none of the stories or characters amounted to anything other than set dressing for mindless shooting. In a way, a lot of those reviews were spot on, but is this lambasted sixth game really worthy of all the vitriol it received at the time?

Well, now that the dust has settled and the franchise has well and truly bounced back, there's been something of a resurgence of respect for Resident Evil 6. At the time it received extra special hate for taking the series further away from its survival-horror roots, but now it can be looked at for what it is:

A flawed - but bloody great - action game that just so happens to bear the Resident Evil name.


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