9 Remakes That Fixed TERRIBLE Parts Of Video Games

Doing things better the second time around.

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Remakes are undoubtedly one of the most contentious aspects of the gaming world, but also one of the most on-trend parts of it right now.

Some point to a lack of creativity in remakes as a reason to put them down, arguing that all the energy invested in resurrecting a property from the past could be spent on producing something new.

And in the case of titles like The Ezio Collection and Warcraft III, it's clear that these are blatant cash-grabs, not adding much and actually making some aspects worse than the original.

However, the majority of gamers love tapping into the magic of nostalgia and seeing the titles they loved the first time around revamped and improved on a new set of technology.

Doing things the second time around also gives developers an opportunity to go back and fix up any gameplay mechanics or other features that weren't so warmly received that first time around. Let's take a look back at some of the best remakes in recent times, and some of the terrible features they were able to change the second time around.

9. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Adding A TON Of Checkpoints

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Vicarious Visions

Like most 90s games, the PS1 Crash games have gone down in infamy for being incredibly difficult to get through. Punishing platforming, precise jumps and intricately timed sequences are prevalent throughout the first three entries, with Stormy Ascent infamously being cut due to its difficulty too.

Thankfully, the Crash series was in the pits so much by 2017 that a remake of these classics was developed by Vicarious Visions. What's more, not only was the N. Sane Trilogy a well-polished and faithful collection fans were in dire need of seeing, but Vicarious took the time to fix a number of the most infuriating features from the originals.

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustments were first introduced back in Warped, but they are expanded upon and mercifully implemented across all three games here. Crates become checkpoints, invulnerability-granting Aku Aku masks are given to players more often, and enemy motorbikes slow down in those all-too-annoying racing levels. Subtle fixes, but they make playing these titles much more pleasant.

Ultimately, there's a reason most of us never got to the end of these games the first time around.

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