9 RPG Boss Attacks That Were Utter BS

Those EXACT moments you got screwed.

The humble boss battle is, in many ways, the perfect microcosm of a game’s design philosophies, mechanics, and narrative culmination.

This is especially true in roleplaying games where the stories are dense, and boss battles are landmark encounters that punctuate your adventure by demanding mastery of the game’s systems. Of course, just because these fights are capital B, capital D, Big Deal, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always an easy win for our heroes or always fair.

In this list we’re taking a look at nine bosses in RPGs that had one attack that was total bull. Whether because it dolled out far too much damage for you to reasonably survive, an uncounterable combo, or an attack you couldn’t possibly have prepared for, these bosses left us rolling our eyes and chucking controllers.


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