9 RPG Boss Attacks That Were Utter BS

9. Sephiroth’s Super Nova - Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy 7 sephiroth supernova
Square Enix

Final Fantasy’s infamous Sephiroth is one of the biggest bads in all of gaming so it stands to reason he has some pretty nasty attacks up his fancy sleeve. Well, technically he’s not wearing a shirt, but you know what I mean.

Even still, you might not have expected anything quite so brutal as his Super Nova attack. The Super Nova attack is executed by Safer Sephiroth, the final form of Final Fantasy VII’s major antagonist, and is as difficult for your party to defend against as it is humorously long to sit through. The two minute long exercise involves Sephiroth doing nothing less than blowing up the entire galaxy and you along with it. No matter how much you’ve grinded to get to this point, expect to be barely standing after taking 9,999 hit points of damage.

As if that doesn’t feel cheap enough you’ll also have to wear status ailments like confuse, silence, and slow.

Full disclosure, this is the first but nowhere close to the last time a Final Fantasy game will crop up on this list. What can we say? Square Enix just likes messing with you.


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