9 Secret Video Game Bosses You Need To Beat Before You Die

9. The Bloody Crow Of Cainhurst - Bloodborne


Bloodborne's eldritch nightmares made for some of the most imaginative bosses in any of From Software's titles, but it was actually an unassuming hunter, not one of the giant, billion-eyed monstrosities haunting the realm between dreams and reality, that gave players the most grief.

For longtime Bloodborne fans, alarm bells should already be going off, as the human enemies in the game are notoriously cheaper than any of the major bosses. Having the same skillset as you, they're difficult S.O.Bs to nail down, but they're made even worse because they share none of your weaknesses.

Where you have a finite amount of blood vials and a paltry cache of ammo, these enemies, particularly the optional boss The Crow of Cainhurst, can spam both of these things without consequence.

Bullets might not take away too much health off you, but every little pixel in a game like this counts, especially when a lot of this boss' attacks deal insta-killing damage unless you've grinded up to a ridiculously high level.

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