9 Secret Video Game Bosses You Need To Beat Before You Die

8. Crawmerax The Invincible - Borderlands

Borderlands 1

For the most part, any single one of the raid bosses in the Borderlands games could have earned a spot on this list, but Crawmerax The Invincible from the original release is probably the one that most players have a soft spot for.

The first proper raid boss fans ever encountered, pretty much nobody was prepared to come face to face with the punishment inflicted while dealing with this giant crab, worm, thing. They should have, considering the mission is literally called "You. Will. Die" and all, but this superboss is so far and away stronger than any other enemy in the game that most players shrugged off this warning.

The boss himself will always be four levels above whatever character you're currently playing as, meaning he poses a threat no matter how much you grind and how high of a level your gear is. Of course, he's one of those bosses who has plenty of annoying cronies to deal with as well, meaning that you can easily be distracted, only to have a total knockout of an attack smash you from offscreen.

As previously mentioned, other optional bosses in the series are just as difficult, but everyone remembers the first time they went up against Crawmerax and got totally obliterated.

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