9 Most Shocking Betrayals In Gaming History

Not only do you have to fight to remove the knife from your back, but when's done right you'll be picking your jaw back up too.

In the context of a gaming narrative, the betrayal is something that is a delicate concept to execute. If it's done well it will be remembered by many for its affect on each individual player. If it isn't though, your twist may be seen as lacking motivation or credibility. But when you can pull it off, when you can make the turn of your favourite supporting hero into a treacherous villain believable, you'll get something special that players will remember. Betrayal isn't something to handle lightly. It effectively takes a good guy and turns them into a bad one. It's a moment that can turn a good character into a great character, as their moment of villainous reveal can be fondly remembered as a turning point. So however you choose to turn your once beloved hero into an agent of evil, be sure it's done with care. The following ten shocking betrayals are some of the most famous in the history of the industry, and stand out as stark examples of how to pull it off. Some of them are driven by pure evil, others by circumstance. But no matter how you slice it, these betrayals were shocking, and made a lasting impression on the games they were a part of.

9. Lance Vance Sells Out Tommy Vercetti

It was easy to be fooled by Lance Vance. He was charming and charismatic, but even so there was something mysterious about him. You wanted to know more about him, and on the few missions where he accompanied you in your acts of criminal activity, there was a bond that slowly formed between Tommy Vercetti and Lance. They were brothers, brought together by fate. This was reinforced by the fact that, together, the two of them became the reigning criminal kingpins of Vice City. They were living large, holding the drug trade under their thumb. But like any great crime drama, their friendship was not long for this world, as the impending arrival of Sonny Forelli, Tommy's former friend, put a sore spot on their blossoming partnership. As their friendship grew as well as their stranglehold on the 1980's drug empire scene, so did Lance's resentment of Tommy. And in his final act of cowardice, Lance decided he would sell you (as Tommy) and your organisation out to Sonny. It was a betrayal built on the lust for power, and Lance was ultimately revealed to just be a conniving, backstabbing grunt. It was truly a pleasure to snuff him out.

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