9 Things No One Wants To Admit About Marvel's Spider-Man

9. There Are Only A Handful Of Crime "Types", And They Repeat Far Too Much

spider man ps4 crimes

Like the 2004 movie tie-in that inspired it, PS4's Spidey comes with a smattering of random crimes that pepper the open world, giving you something to do in between the story missions.

However... there are only eight crime "types", and once you've seen each, you've seen 'em all.

Every store robbery is the same, car chases end in one of three ways (with the quick-time event needed to stop the vehicle being the exact same each time). Once you get past the Raft breakout, there's a huge uptick in 'Sable agent vs. criminals' as a crime, but again, they're the same. Kidnappings, rooftop gatherings, car crashes, hit n' runs - it sounds like a lot, but again, we're talking about eight potential crimes.

Spread across 30 or more hours (the time taken to 100% everything), you really feel the repetition set in.

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