9 Things No One Wants To Admit About Marvel's Spider-Man

8. MJ & Miles' Stealth Sections Are Rote & Outdated

Spider Man Ps4 Mj Stealth

There's one mission halfway through the game, where - playing as MJ - you get a feeling for what it's like working with Spider-Man, as oppose to being him.

A similar feel comes in reverse in the Jefferson Davis break-in, and it's damn cool to see Insomniac flesh out the very methodology of how Spider-Man fits into police operations in New York.

Sadly, both the majority of MJ's missions and the couple you do as Miles Morales are dogged with "get seen, instant fail" gameplay. Besides being a trope we haven't seen in gaming for years, these levels are made straight-up eye-rolling when you're told about smashed glass or cardboard boxes(?) being a thing that'll cause a ruckus if you touch them.

Cue turning a corner and seeing entire areas comprised of smashed glass and cardboard. It's very "You are in a video game", and comes off as unnecessary, especially when MJ and Miles are two of the best written characters in the whole game.

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