9 Times Wrestlers Used Their Finishing Moves In Video Games

Gears 5 lets you drop the Batista Bomb.

King Of Fighters All Star Seth Rollins
Netmarble Games

Logic dictates that most famous wrestlers will end up in a video game at one time or another, though it naturally tends to be in an officially licensed wrestling game of all things.

But there are those precious superstars who are such statuesque pillars of pop-culture in their own right that they've been able to appear in non-wrestling video games, whether as themselves or their beloved sports personality.

Whether starring in their own bespoke video game, appearing in a meaty supporting role elsewhere, or even showing up for an opportunistic DLC cameo, these wrestlers not only turned up in unexpected video games, but also got to show off what they're all about.

These nine wrestlers all managed to sneak their finishing moves into their video game roles, regardless of whether the games themselves were strictly focused on fighting or not (spoiler: most of them were).

Clearly the developers, perhaps wrestling fans themselves, couldn't resist the urge to have these industry icons pull off their finishing moves, and the result was a colossal dollop of fan-service for wrestling fans worldwide.

And if you weren't even aware of these wrestler appearances, you've now got the perfect excuse to give these (mostly) great games a go...

9. The Rock - SpyHunter: Nowhere To Run

King Of Fighters All Star Seth Rollins
Terminal Reality

2006's action-racer SpyHunter: Nowhere to Run starred The Rock as government agent Alex Decker, and because it'd be criminal to hire the WWE superstar to spend the entire game sat behind the wheel, it was the first (and to date, only) game in the series that allowed players to get out of their beloved Interceptor.

Among the relatively basic beat 'em up attacks on offer, such as generic throws and suplexes, developers Terminal Reality couldn't resist but sneak The Rock's finishing move, the Rock Bottom, into the game.

Once you've laid a sufficient smack down on any faceless mook in the vicinity, Alex's special gauge will be filled, at which point you'll be prompted to press a face button in order to pull off the iconic move. You love to see it.

Check it out for yourself at 9:40 in the clip below:

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