9 Tiny Issues That Ruined The Reputations Of Great Video Games

So much outrage over... fingerless gloves?!

GTA 4 Gloves

As consumers of one of the most time-intensive and skill-based mediums on the planet, you better believe the average gamer knows what they like. Across the 90s and 2000s in particular, all manner of franchises started showcasing characters, worlds, stories and gameplay mechanics that endeared them to millions of fans across the globe.

We fell in love with the plot-flipping delights of Metal Gear Solid, went on six star wanted levels through Vice City and San Andreas, got our collective minds blown in Rapture and played a LOT of Call of Duty.

The sorts of mentalities that go alongside getting so thoroughly enamoured with games like this creates a fanbase of pure passion. We know what we like; which developers can do it best, and we really don't like change.

Sadly, the business machinations and overarching industry decisions of gaming doesn't always keep this in mind - or even worse, any assumptions as to how a project should go are thrown out the window, under the guise of championing some new blood, or a new idea.

Sometimes it works, and others, well...

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