9 Very Possible Gaming News Headlines From 2025

Hideo Kojima isn't going to slow down.

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As 2021's gaming calendar kicks back to life with the immaculate Kena: Bridge of Spirits and the experimental Deathloop, the generation overall is starting to take shape.

It's obviously been a rather unique one in regards to studios and consumers figuring out how and when to invest in gaming across the pandemic, but it also makes you think to the future, and where the gaming industry might be in another half-decade.

Because flash back across the last couple of decades and gaming was in a completely different place.

The 2000s saw that Hollywood influence first present in Metal Gear Solid take hold entirely. Uncharted pioneered revolutionary motion captured acting performances that then became the norm across the 2010s, with the advent of loot boxes, season passes and post-launch DLC as standard.

Contrast where we were at the launch of the PS2 to the launch of the PS5 and there's almost nothing in common other than the base reality of video games themselves. Content models, company reputations, franchise plans, game mechanics - all will no doubt change all over again across the coming decade.

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