9 Very Possible Gaming News Headlines From 2025

9. Rockstar Have Become The New Bioware

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Maybe there'll be some future release that turns it all around, but GTA 5's "Expanded and Enhanced" trailer at PlayStation Showcase was the first Rockstar anything to receive a notably negative reception.

The reason? People are sick of being reminded that the company put all their millions into GTA Online, and continual re-releases of GTA V across an entire generation of consoles.

Worse still - and here's where the Bioware comparisons come in - Rockstar themselves are a shell of their formerly extra-creative selves.

Lead writer on every major GTA and the likes of Red Dead Redemption, Dan Houser, left in 2020. Producer Leslie Benzies - part of the "Rockstar trio" that powered the company's rise to the top - left in 2016.

Now all that's left is the supposed money-man Sam Houser, none of the lead creative forces that helped establish what Rockstar as a game studio "is", and a sales trajectory that only encourages less single player and more multiplayer.

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