9 Video Game Endings That Were Changed Because Of Fan Feedback

8. Shadow Of Mordor's DLC Has A Second Attempt At A Battle With Sauron

Mass Effect 3
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

For all the things 2014's sleeper hit Shadow of Mordor did right, it couldn't quite nail its final boss battle with iconic series' villain, Sauron. Dropping the frantic combat that made the title so memorable, the final boss was instead comprised of an unconventional stealth segment, full of cheap deaths and gimmicky quick-time events.

So, in order to make up for that lacklustre finale, developers Monolith decided to just have a complete do-over of the whole fight, developing a piece of prequel DLC that put you in the shoes of side-character Celebrimbor as he took on the Dark Lord himself.

Instead of sneaking around drab areas and mashing the same combos, this new battle with Sauron attempted to be as epic as possible, letting you wield the powers of the one ring in a grandiose suicide mission against an iconic villain at the height of his powers.

It's a shame we had to pay for the luxury of getting the final boss everyone wanted, but at least now Shadow of Mordor no longer has to end on the anti-climactic note it once did.


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