9 Video Game Pre-Orders That Broke Everything

Pay extra... to play a worse game.

metal gear rising revengeance

Deluxe edition and pre-order bonuses are already pretty controversial. Usually it involves companies offering up a little something extra in return for your dollars or your faith the game’s going to be good but not all ‘something extras’ are made equal.

Sometimes these are cosmetic add-ons, sometimes they’re entire maps or armour sets, and sometimes they’re an extra that is so fundamental to the game that it provides a totally different experience for those who have it versus those who don’t. In this list we’ll be digging into a bunch of deluxe edition and pre-order bonuses that for one reason or another kind of wrecked the game underneath.

There’s absolutely a balance to be struck in providing value while not ripping off those who didn’t want to fork out even more money and these entries prove there’s still work to be done on figuring out how to do it right, as a lot of these seem to prove that “pre-order to win” is very much a thing.


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