9 Video Game Pre-Orders That Broke Everything

9. Griffy - Ni No Kuni

Griffy - Ni No Kuni

One of the especially weird things with pre-orders is that a lot of times you’ll get different things depending on the retailer you’re pre-ordering from. This is the case with the Griffy familiar in Ni No Kuni who could only be obtained by those who pre-ordered the game on Amazon.

This would be all well and good for a JRPG like this one replete with hundreds of familiars all set to march into battle for you, but our griffin buddy happens to be intensely overpowered. As in, gamebreakingly overpowered. It’s only once you get to the real pointy end of the game that you’ll even think about subbing him out since by then you’ll have found better familiars but until that point none of your other familiars will compare to his stats. Reportedly, people keen to get their hands on him were paying as much as $50 to anybody who had a code for him.

We have to touch on something here that’s relevant all the way through this list which is the argument that if the thing is overpowered just don’t use the thing. But what we’re highlighting is that these bonuses have the potential to break the game if you do use them. If you don’t want to, you’re all good. End PSA.


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