9 Video Game Sequels So Bad They Killed The Series

Don't expect a new Medal Of Honor anytime soon.


Alongside death, taxes and terrible Adam Sandler movies, video game sequels are just another crushing inevitability of life. Sequels and franchises are the lifeblood of the industry, so you can bet any halfway successful game will be aiming towards at least five more follow-ups and spin-offs in pursuit of more delicious money.

Yet even major franchises tend to run themselves into the ground eventually, where they can either reboot themselves and come back stronger than ever (think the new Tomb Raider games) or stay buried in the past.

It€™'s exceedingly rare for a huge series to just die out as a result of one poorly received title, but it's happened more than once. Players will eventually tire of the same formula being trotted out again and again, so if the series does nothing to innovate it can quickly wither and die. Tastes change and rival franchises are always snapping at their heels, so all it can take is one badly received or weak selling game to bring the whole thing crashing down.

Listed here are a few examples of sequels that were so poor they essentially killed the franchise altogether, and they still have yet to dust themselves off and try again.


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