9 Video Games That Didn't Know How To End

9. Rage 2

Rage 2 Rocket

From something that was loaded with story potential to a game that felt like it just gave up. Rage 2 easily has supremely polished combat at its core, but the decision to spread that across a barren open world was met with derision and questioning.

Why, when you could've turned out a lightning quick corridor-based shooter with occasional arena elements, did you try and chase arbitrary "triple-A design goals", like making the acquisition of the best weapons optional, as we drove a boring vehicle from A to B and back again?

Say you did buy into this design though, the ending of Rage 2 is insulting at best, and downright unfinished at worst.

Coming after you've been through a ton of busywork, stepping into the role of a Ranger after a set of armour is left behind, you eventually find yourself in the compound of General Cross, battling him to the death, but succumbing to a lethal virus at the same time.

It's one massive set-piece followed by an out-of-nowhere twist, and just as you're trying to parse out what you're supposed to be feeling and if this will lead to anything... the game slooowly fades to black, reemerging with a credits roll.

Afterwards you're immediately saved by Dr. Kvasir, undoing the "peril" of the pre-credits twist, and put back to work doing the same side content as an endgame.

Because video games.

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