9 Video Games That Played With Your Emotions

8. Cannon Fodder

cannon fodder lost in service

Deceptively simple, your aim in 1993's Cannon Fodder was to guide your soldiers through various scenarios, killing enemies as you go.

With fun gameplay and a tagline of "War's never been so much fun", you'd be forgiven for thinking Cannon Fodder was an overly comic portrayal of war.

Far from it.

The genius part of Cannon Fodder was the anti-war message that lay beneath all the sprites. Each of your men had a name, and if any of them died during a mission, a roll call of those that were lost in service appears on-screen.

If that didn't make you feel bad enough, a new gravestone would appear after their death on the green hill landscape of the pre-mission menu screen. Each gravestone blots out the green further, and this is juxtaposed with an endless queue of new recruits; all waiting to take the recently departed soldier's place on the battlefield.

These days, video game war is played out in hyper-realistic graphics and multiplayer death matches. But no war game has ever managed to be as subversive, and as poignant, about the horrors of war than Cannon Fodder.


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