9 Video Games That Robbed You Of Their Best Moments

Developers? Don't put your coolest stuff in cutscenes. Ever.

Batman Arkham Asylum titan joker

When you've poured hours into a game, chances are you're waiting for some grand conclusion to come of it. All the skills you've learnt, all the moves and muscle memory, ready to unleash on some final onslaught of evil forces.

You've hit that level, you're ready to go, you're psyched, you've got "Live to Win" on standby, then...

It's taken from you.

That glorious moment deemed worthy to be finished by your hands has been robbed from you.

Bosses taken down in cutscenes, or worse: quick-time events. You're not the master of your own destiny, just some predetermined avatar on an already-written path.

Remaking a classic game from years gone, only to remove certain levels. Or even worse, hiding mid-game sections behind paywalls.

The real tragedy in this is not the madcap logic for taking control from you, or the incessant corporate greed to fleece gamers out of more money, but the dejection that the player has to go through each time it happens.

To psych yourself up, only to be mugged off at the last hurdle is a feeling some of us know all too well.

9. Fable 2 - Sweet Redemption

Batman Arkham Asylum titan joker
Lionhead Studios

If somebody shot you and threw you out a building as a child, then you miraculously survived, you'd be annoyed, right?

With that drive, you set about dedicating your life to righting the wrongs that individual brought upon not only you, but the inhabitants of the land, in their quest for power. You're a descendant of a line of heroes, whether you play benevolently or malevolently, tasked with a great mission before you.

You've amassed the Heroes of Strength, Skill and Will, survived a few betrayals and overcome and many obstacles, all in your quest to take down Lucien. And what happens?

Well, if you stand and hear Lucien explain himself, Reaver (having already switched allegiances after betraying you once before) shoots him before you get the chance.

What's more annoying, Reaver doesn't seem phased by it whatsoever, the smug so and so. He just did the job that needed doing, which... to be fair, you probably should have done too.

But hey, at least you can get your dog back. That's the important bit, right?


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