9 Video Games That Robbed You Of Their Best Moments

8. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Raiden Vs. Vamp

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Metal Gear Solid 4 is an absolute landmark title for both the series and for the PS3. A fine testament of graphical prowess, even if the story was a little snooker-loopy at times. Liquid Ocelot and his finger guns is certainly... something.

Yet no character had as big a development turnaround as Raiden. Universally lambasted in his first appearance, Hideo Kojima did a full makeover and turned him into a badass cyborg ninja for his return in this.

Whilst it was a dramatic change, if not a little corny, there's no denying some of the choreography was top notch. His fight with Vamp at the end of the first mission is testament to that, with some amazing acrobatics and martial arts.

But it's in the ruins of Shadow Moses that irked some players a bit. After Snake endures another hold up but the enigmatic "vampire", the battle is a bland shoot off until you whittle his health down before disabling his nanomachines (don't ask).

While fitting for Raiden's development, players felt robbed that the sweet victory was taken from Snake.

Oh, Kojima...


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