9 Video Games That Used Everything You'd Learned Against You

Often everything you’ve learned to rely on, no longer works.

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Video games generally want to have your back. That’s why they have tutorials and intro levels and tooltips, games don’t want you to feel off-base or confused. Most of the time.

Sometimes you’ll hit a point in a game where it decides it’s had enough of being nice and throws everything it’s got at you. In these situations, often everything you’ve learned to rely on so far no longer works. Maybe it’s a level where you lose your equipment, a foe who fights in a way you’d never expect, or the entire way a game is played.

Whatever the case, these games asked a lot of you to adapt and expected you to step up to the plate.

9. Undertale

Undertale Chara
Toby Fox

The name of the game here is “Don’t Fight, Be Nice!” Undertale does let you decimate pretty much everything you come across in its monochrome pixely world if you want to but there’s another option that’s not only often more effective at ending conflicts, it’s less likely to make you feel like a really bad person. In every encounter you have the choice to fight or act in various ways. Acting can ultimately result in having the option to spare your opponent.

If you do go in pixels-blazing, the game quietly punishes you for it.

For example, if you decide to murder the cute dogs instead of petting and sparing them you’ll run across their little dog friends immediately and ultimately miss out on the True Pacifist ending with events including but not limited to Lesser Dog building sand dogs on the beach. Decades of video games may have taught us to fight for our lives, but Undertale seriously rewarded you if you didn’t.

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