9 Video Games That Were Recalled For Completely Bizarre Reasons

For such a cute little fella, Sackboy once caused quite the stir.


The amount of attention to detail required to develop a fully-polished video game is truly extraordinary.

As demonstrated by Aliens: Colonial Marines, just a single coding mistake can be enough to completely break certain parts of a game, and it's always possible for major errors to sneak their way into the final build.

On the plus side, most games nowadays can be quickly and easily patched by the developers - even before they're available for customers to buy - a practice that can fix pretty much any problem. But not every game in history has had that luxury.

In some cases, the only solution has been to recall the product from digital and retail shelves, with only a select few making a comeback, while the rest disappear into the all-consuming clutches of time. In addition, because these recalls are such rare cases, the reasons behind them tend to be quite unusual.

Whether it's some adults-only content, a crippling lawsuit, or even a virus that damages the system itself, the problem has to be somewhat bizarre when the only way to rectify it is to pull the game from sale.


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