9 Video Games That Were Recalled For Completely Bizarre Reasons

9. Mario Party 8


If you were to compile a list of the least offensive things in human history, Mario would be somewhere near the top, along with marshmallows, paper towels, and lollipop ladies. As such, it might surprise you to learn that Wii exclusive Mario Party 8 went through a difficult launch period in the UK, which included the game being recalled from store shelves due to the accidental inclusion of some colourful language.

The game released in North America in late May 2007, and was scheduled to hit British shores at the end of June. However, as that date neared, Nintendo announced that it would be delayed due to "production issues", but they did not elaborate on precisely what that meant. It didn't seem like too big a problem though, as the title was made available to purchase on 13 July.

But then, in another twist, it was hastily recalled by Nintendo, so they could correct a language problem that might have caused offence to UK players specifically. Certain copies of the game included a distasteful word that starts with "spa" and ends in "tic", which is commonly used as a derogatory term aimed at people with disabilities.

After correcting this issue by replacing that word with "erratic" instead, Mario Party 8 was released again on 3 August - this time, for good.


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