9 Video Games With The BEST Glitches!

8. Multiple Boss Battle Cheese - Fromsoftware Games

Wayne Rooney FIFA 21 hands

It's well documented by now how some of the hardest bosses from Fromsoftware's catalogue of killers can be made to look like utter chumps, but that doesn't stop it from being hilarious each and every time we see it.

From The Ceaseless Discharge unloading his life essence by falling off the edge of the map, to the Demon of Hatred cursing players for causing it to slip into oblivion, cheesing bosses is a way of life for some and acts almost as retaliation from players who were caused so much pain and hardship by the sadomasochistic dev team.

Even when a boss isn't out and out murdered in one go, players have found amazing glitches that sometimes require perfect timing to pull off that mangle their health bats. In Serkio for example the Monk boss could see it's second stage completely bypassed by players jumping up into the trees and instantly diving back down for a plunge attack.

It's amazing to see how these big bad bosses can be broken in moments, and it's a testament to the community for trying everything under the sun (praise it brothers) to see how they can turn the tide in their favour.


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