9 Video Games With The BEST Glitches!

Phasing through the floor and into our hearts.

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EA Sports

Ok. Let's start with the obvious here.

Shipping a video game with horrendous bugs and glitches in is not a smart nor an acceptable move. As a paying consumer you are, by right, meant to receive a product that is completely functional from start to finish, and yet in the video game industry at least, products are often shipped with so many broken pieces that it sounds like a box of fractured china pieces when you shake the case and all we get as compensation is a grubby post-it note saying "we'll patch this next year" stuffed inside.

Now don't get me wrong, programming a video game is laborious and arduous work, and even titles that we revere as being masterpieces are usually only held together with sticky tape in such a fashion that they do exactly what they're meant to and nothing more, but still, bugs and glitches should be eliminated long before going to print in a perfect world.

Yet some of these issues, while utterly horrendous are downright hilarious! They're not going to replace the money we've just sunk into the experience, but sometimes a ridiculous glitch can buy us a good belly laugh or two.

9. Infinite XP Boomerang! - Castle Crashers

Wayne Rooney FIFA 21 hands
The Behemoth

For those looking for a lovely bit of couch co-op beat 'em up you can't do much better than the colourful and crazy Castle Crashers which let you and up to three friends go on noble and daring quests to....well murder everything on screen in over the top fashion.

The game also features a levelling system that allowed you to fine-tune a build however you liked, meaning that with proper planning you could run with a party that had a dedicated tank, magic-user or lightning-quick charger. Add in the fact that there are tonnes of characters to unlock each with their own unique moves, and you've got a game that demands a tonne of replayability.

However, this levelling system also came with a slight drawback that the developers might not have noticed. The basic principle is that for each living enemy you hit, you get 1xp, therefore the LESS damage you do, the more Xp you could farm from an enemy. As such something like the boomerang which only does 1hp worth of damage was pretty much ripe for exploiting.

Some clever souls noticed that sometimes the boomerang would get stuck on enemies, infinitely hitting them and racking up experience like nobody's business. When applied to a boss this could see your stats jump through the roof in no time at all, turning the rest of the game into a God Mode experience which was hilarious for all involved!

God bless you mighty boomerang!


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