9 Video Games You Didn't Know Were Connected (Commenter's Edition)

8. Splinter Cell / Metal Gear Solid

Sadly the stealth genre of video games is all but dead in the mainstream. Sure Assassins Creed has some stealth elements and a few other big budgets franchises include it, but the return of the stealth game is something we need to let go of, for now.

But trust Ubisoft to let Sam Fisher out of his coffin, if not for one awesome scene has such with the fans ever since. In Ghost Recon Wildlands of all games, Sam Fisher can team up with the Ghosts for a mission before being taken back to the cell he's stored it. and it is here that he drops a mind-blowing line of dialogue.

Michael Ironside was even brought back for this.

"There was this other guy though - Army infiltration. He wore a Bandana or Something"

Sam Fisher outright references Solid Snake only to be told he's retired, and with that news, he just looks off into the distance with a broken expression. Not only is this heartbreaking, but it leaves us wondering how brilliant this team up could've been.

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