9 Video Games You Didn't Know Were Connected (Commenter's Edition)

7. Resident Evil / Dead Rising

Jill Sandwich

Resident Evil and Dead Rising arent apparently connected in any which way according to Capcom, but we all know to never say never when there is money to be made. But with this subtle connection, we could be seeing Capcom branching outside of video games just like Konami has.

Whilst wandering around Paradise Plaza, Frank West comes across a restaurant that only diehards will spot. Named after the questionable dialogue in Resident Evil 1, said restaurant is called Jill's Sandwiches, hinting that when Ms. Valentine isn't fighting zombies, she runs a successful business on the side.

Dead Rising came out at a weird time for Capcom and was once such a blockbuster hit, but now Resident Evil has found that sweet spot again it seems Capcom has shelved Frank West for now. But regardless of that, just imagine fighting massive hordes of zombies in the RE Engine, as spin-off series nobody would say no to this.

Besides, both have already worked together in Marvel vs Capcom before.

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