9 Video Games You Played Because You Owned The Wrong System

Are all CTR fans just Mario Kart lovers in disguise?

Mario kart crash team racing

I am going to begin this with a statement:

I… am old. On the 27th September I will be turning 32, and so I have lived a bloody life. I’ve seen it all - the glory days of the SNES, the rise of the PS1, and my god was I there for the console wars.

As a kid it was impossible, unless you were super wealthy, to own each and every game on all the consoles that were floating about, and distinct lines in the playground sand were drawn by youngsters as to which was their favourite. I remember those times when, as a Sony boy, I’d go around to my friends house and play the wondrous N64 with its bananas controller and think “Woah”.

And it was clearly something that the developers realised, because if you look back at games from our past, you’ll see multiple times where they sought to imitate a first party powerhouse for their own console, in order to leech off of some established success. Some were great, some were terrible, but all make this list.


*Article adapted from video, available on WhatCulture Gaming*


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